Episode 11

Published on:

6th Nov 2021

Wimberley Solar | What is net metering? | Texas Solar Power

In this episode of the Wimberley Solar Podcast our host Trey Carmichael talks about what net metering is and how it works!

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About the Podcast

Wimberley Solar
Wimberley Solar
The Wimberley Solar podcast was created to educate the Texas Hill Country community on the solar industry and their alternative energy options.

After our family spending over 3 decades in Wimberley and serving the community in numerous ways, we have become passionate about brining Solar to the Wimberley, Texas community. Wimberley Solar is a family owned and operated operation that has proudly partnered with RKG Roofing and Construction and Titan Solar to bring our community the absolute best roofing and solar solutions that are available to them.

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